The Best Spray Mop of 2024

Best Spray Mop :

Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Mop Kit

Our pick #1 Best Seller

Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Mop Kit

Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Mop Kit for Floor Cleaning, Fresh Scent, Mopping Kit Includes PowerMop, 2 Mopping Pad Refills, 1 Floor Cleaning Solution with Fresh Scent and 2 Batteries

Type: Wet spray mop | Mop-head type: Disposable pads | Mop-head width: 15″ | Suitable floor types: Sealed hardwood, vinyl, tile, stone and laminate


  • Easy and neat to use
  • Has two spray nozzles for even application
  • Cleaning solution comes in two scents and for wood floors


  • Need to buy replacement pads, cleaner and batteries

Features of the Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Mop Kit

  • The mop head is capable of swiveling 360 degrees and locking into position
  • The mop head sprays detergent via a battery-powered system, triggered by a thumb button on the top
  • The cleaning solution comes in a circular 25.3-ounce can that is loaded into an opening in the handle
  • The kit includes two types of pads: one for wood and one multi-surface pad, both featuring a textured design with absorptive fabric strips

What we like

  • The mop is absorbent and good for large spaces
  • The cleaning solution cans are recyclable
  • The solution comes in different varieties, including a multi-surface version and a hardwood version

What we don’t like

  • Frequent reinvestment in mop heads is required due to the use of disposable pads
  • The cleaning solution bottles have a smaller volume compared to other models, leading to more frequent purchases

Overall, the Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Mop Kit is a convenient option for quick and easy floor cleaning. However, it may require ongoing investment in mop pads and cleaning solution bottles

Should you buy the Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Mop Kit?

Maybe, if you’re already on board with Swiffer you’ll love the large pads
The Swiffer PowerMop Multi-Surface Mop Kit is a convenient alternative to a mop and bucket—and it works well for a quick clean. However, when it goes head-to-head with a traditional mop and bucket on a large floor space, the PowerMop won’t give you the same full floor clean that a traditional mop will, at least not without a significant cost expenditure on new mop pads and solution.

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