Which robot mop has the longest battery life?

It’s tricky to definitively say which robot mop has the absolute longest battery life, as manufacturers often provide different metrics (run time vs. charge time) and battery life can vary depending on factors like cleaning mode and floor type.

However, based on available information, here are some models known for their impressive battery life:

  • iRobot Roomba Combo i5+: Offers up to 90 minutes of runtime on a single charge.
  • Ecovacs Deebot N8+: Provides around 110 minutes of runtime, making it suitable for larger homes.
  • Roborock S7: Boasts a runtime of up to 180 minutes, which is exceptional for a robot mop.
  • Shark IQ Robot XL: Offers around 120 minutes of runtime, making it a good choice for larger spaces.

Important Note: While these models have impressive battery life, remember that factors like cleaning mode and floor type can affect runtime. For example, using a more powerful cleaning mode or navigating a heavily cluttered area will consume more battery power.

Recommendation: When comparing models, pay attention to both runtime and charge time. A longer runtime is great, but a quick charge time is also important if you want to use your robot mop frequently.

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